Koppenhaver (koppenhaver) wrote in beer_drinkers,

Cask Ale

The cask ale in my hand is about as fine of a beverage as I’ve ever had. According to the bar manager, it’s brewed with some of the most excellent water in England, free of the limestone contamination prevalent elsewhere in the country. It’s a Cornish Doom Bar ale, and I cannot think of a time in which I’ve enjoyed a beverage more than this moment.

I’m at the King’s Arms on Shepherd Street in London, a few blocks from Buckingham Palace. To put it mildly, it’s been a long day, and there’s still a ways to go. Somewhere in the past, I was in America worried about luggage choices, boarding passes, and whether I turned out the lights in my empty house. But now all of that’s behind me and I’ve successfully transitioned to English ways. And I love it. London is a magnificent city. Not only are the ale choices spectacular, but the rich history and polished properness of this ancient city overwhelm a wide eyed American traveler like me.

The primary reason for my visit is business. A dinner meeting kicks things off in a few hours. But until then, I’m savoring my ale, as well as the sampler plate of British treats that my wife and I ordered: chips & gravy, Shepherd’s pie, and mushy peas.

I’m a lucky man; thrilled to have this opportunity. And so far, London has vastly exceeded my expectations.

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